Slow TLS handshake

Any idea why it takes 10-15seconds at TLS negotiation phase?
time curl -vL

 0.01s user 0.01s system 0% cpu 12.865 total

Status page doesn’t show any issues?

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It resolved 8 minutes ago but it was an issue for last 6 hours

And again, same issue. TLS handshake takes now 15 seconds.

I have requested an engineer to look into this issue for you. They should follow up with you soon.


The team is rolling out a fix for this issue. They had noticed it earlier and were addressing it. I don’t have an ETA but I believe it should be soon.


European customers might have experienced degraded performance, connection errors and intermittent timeouts due to slow TLS handshakes while interfacing with Storj S3 gateway.

The issue occurred because of misconfigured limits of our edge capacity in Europe – our limits being too restrictive in the number of connections, causing connections to queue up and be processed slowly.

We have adjusted our limits and are monitoring the results.

We apologize to all who were affected by the disruption.

See our status page