SNO Dashboard: How is "distributed" amount calculated?


In the Payout history table, I can see this for February:

I don’t understand how “Distributed is calculated” since:

  • it is not the total amount of the month ($5.98)
  • it is not the earned amount + surge (that would be: 4.51*2 = $9.02)

Can someone explain me? Thanks!

The “Distributed” includes all owed value, from previous months and for the selected.

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I still don’t get the ‘distributed’ amount.

From the screenshot above what payout amount can be expected in case the payout threshold has been reached?
It is my understanding that it should be the earned amount + distributed amount. So for europe-north-1 in the above example it should be $4,51 + $12,03 = $16,54, correct?

No, the distributed amount is the amount you got paid from this satellite for this and previous month(s), in case you didn’t meet the payment threshold back then. Look In January and maybe December for this satellite. You should have earnings of $7.52 which did not get distributed/paid.

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I see. So distributed amount is the effective total payout per satellite.