SNO Dashboard showing 0% disk space left but 3.69GB left


Is there something I missed in this dashbaord?

I know there could have some approximation but saying “0% disk space left” and, at the same time, showing that are still 3.69GB to be filled is a little bit confusing.
Is it a bug?
My disk is 2.6TB.

Thanks for your help!

What do you expect?
So 0.14%. Do you expect that to be written on the dashboard? :smiley:


Sorry, I’m feeling stupid because I was thinking about 36GB instead of 3.6GB…

Anyway, I thought there had more available storage because my actual disk displays 169GB available.

Even if my disk is 2.7TB, I prefer to run my docker container with 2.6GB. But the container seems to use only 2.4TB. So why does the dashboard show only 3.6GB available?


the dashboard shows available space from what you allocated in the run command (and not real available space on the hdd), so 2.4TB.

I run the docker container with 2.6TB, not 2.4TB :confused:
2.4TB (as showed in the previous screenshot) is the actual disk space used.

maybe rounding discrepancies? You can check the space the node allocates on the cli dashboard (afaik) or through the api

Here is what I got with the CLI Dashboard:

We can see the storage allocated is 2.6TB. What is weird though is that it’s showing “-5.3 GB” available storage :thinking: Does it mean I am using more space than allocated (even this is not what “df -h” command is telling me)?

might be the trash directory on the cli

thanks. Should I do something about it?

The df -h is showing information in binary units, so not 2.4TB, but 2.4T or 2.4TiB. In the decimal units (si) it would be 2.57TB
If you want to see a decimal units, use a --si flag:

df --si