SNO Payout Update starting 2/12/21

@jocelyn This is mainly off-topic, but I’d like to suggest something about dates when no specialized widget can be used (which is the case in topic titles):

It might be evident that “2/12/21” used in this post’s title means the 12th of Feb. 2012 for Americans, and also because we’re not in December 2021 yet, but keep in mind that the American way of writing dates (mm/dd/yyyy) is confusing for many countries that use “dd/mm/yyyy” (or other formats).
What about using a more technical but less error-prone way of writing dates like “2021/02/12” (or using ISO 8601: “2021-02-12” as suggested below by @baker)? :slight_smile:

(Within posts, the widget can be used: 2021-02-11T23:00:00Z)


If only there was some kind of standard for writing dates that everyone could follow.



I love the cat version :smiley:


Thanks for the nice words, really!
But unfortunately in my view they are old wine in new bottles … “We will” all over there but actually you are still holding our earnings.

“We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received and the patience.”
What about doing something that defuses the situation? To show you appreciate the feedback it would have been fair to pay the outstanding payments in times where the fees are lower for example (There has been a lot of in the past days). But by now, you are still sitting things out. So still only maybe a solution for the future and no progress in the stopped payments since 2 months.
Still very disappointed here.

Best wishes.

Presumably they could have paid a bit more than 200-ish SNOs by choosing a date where fees were lower, but that wouldn’t have been much more I believe considering this month’s fees:

(source: Ethereum Average Transaction Fee)

And these are ETH fees, ERC20 fees are even higher.
So… I don’t know, that still doesn’t solve the issue for 95% of SNOs.

:arrow_right: Hence the zkSync solution they’re actively working on.


I read everything and understood practically nothing. So, to receive payments, you need a wallet from zkSync (what is it, a coin or a network?), What is L1 and L2 is just not clear at all. We need a guide where he will explain step by step the principle of action and all the concepts. Sorry for bad english


This is a nice recommendation. Nothing more.

why dont you got to zkSync and look around? And I belive it was explained 1 milion times what, how and why. you can use middle scroll button on the mouse to scroll

in metamask i got wallet 0x931c805b …
then created a second one on storj token 0x39339435E…
when adding a wallet from metamask in the config.yaml file, should this line be.

operator wallet address

operator.wallet: 0xC3fe7aFAF3d90…
operator.wallet-features: 0x39339435E…


No, you need to specify only one wallet in the operator.wallet:, in the operator.wallet-features: ["zksync"]

# operator wallet address
operator.wallet: 0xC3fe7aFAF3d90.......
operator.wallet-features: ["zksync"]

Then save the config and restart the storagenode.

OK, done. How will the system figure out where to send transactions? How to make a test transaction?

To make test and be familiar with the technology you can use a Rinkeby test net:

I can send you testStorj tokens, just give me your address.

To see your balance and able to withdrawal you should connect your wallet



me to for see i put a zlink to metamask and this is my address for zil (zksync) so i need to see

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OK. I got 34 coins. what can you do with them? to get the public key, I have to pay 15,000 gas. Is this a necessary condition? When will I receive my actual payment, will these conditions remain?

Yes, this is one time cost of registration.
You can withdraw them from the L2 to L1 to the same address or to the other, the fee will be taken in testSTORJ tokens.

I’m using Exodus wallet for my SNO payout. May I know whether does it support zkSync L2 payment?

Hello @Knaveofhearts,
Welcome to the forum!

Compatible wallets you can see on

and also read

There are also list of wallets which support WalletConnect: