SNO Payout Update starting 2/12/21

Here 0xa4a75a74Fd9C93bDa8375505D3e188Ea623B5F65 too please :v:


Thank you!

This is too technical for me. Nonetheless I will try to digest and understand it bit by bit. :sweat_smile:

Let us know if you need any help.

I made a successful payment from l2 to l1 in my account. I see the transaction, but the coins are not displayed in the wallet itself. Where to find them?

Which Wallet? zkSync will display L2 only.

You can use something like MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto to open the L1 Wallet. Basically any wallet will work. Just make sure to connect to rinkeby testnet.

You are on Testnetwork:
Address 0x931c805baf3baad8b1fcac9f73a05806cc665a0a | Etherscan

you send me but i dont recive nothing

You’re really looking at zkSync Wallet | Rinkeby Testnet?

yea i connect zksync wallet with my metamask extension

but i dont see any zynks zks to my account in metamask

At zksync there are two wallets, the first is the main network and the second is for tests, like here we do
Your Test-STORJ from Alexey should be here:

In metamask you can not see the L2 (zksync) right!
Only L1 after withdrawn L2

Be sure you swap for that the network from main to testnetwork

To see the Test-STORJ add custom token manually with Test-Storj Contract: 0x8098165d982765097e4aa17138816e5b95f9fdb5

The result looks then like:


This is better, but i have ond questions, what is contract token? Where i can find? And in storj, how can i move or how can i transfer storj?

I recive tokens but in ur picturw you can transfer but i cant, why? Who can i do this?

You have in a picture storj in the wallet tested. See my picture i have failed

Storj contract is the provider of Storj-Tokens
On mainnet you dont need this, there is STORJ working in the metamask

On “my wallet” you can transfer the tokens inside zsynk L2 or withdraw to L1

Can you advise how to do that when using a command line to spin up a Storj node? (I SSH into my Synology NAS from my laptop). Should I add a wallet-feature=“zksync” after the wallet=“0x…” in the command line?

Have a look at that post:

Done, tnks for guide :+1::muscle::tada::blush:



Can you create a guide?
The yaml we need edit and put the wallet, but can you put one picture with example please?

This is just another one parameter, nothing special.
If you want to specify it in the config.yaml just add this line to the end of the file:

operator.wallet-features: ["zksync"]

save the config and restart the node.
If you want to specify it in the command line, then you can add the option --operator.wallet-features='["zksync"]' after storjlabs/storagenode:latest in your docker run command.

May i get a test token as well? Thanks