SNO Payout Update starting 2/12/21

After going through the zkSync FAQ, it was concluded that Exodus wallet is not compatible with zkSync L2 solution. Nonetheless there is a workaround available and I just need to submit a form to zkSync for them to implement it on their backend.

However I received an email from zySync asking me which L2 zkSync address do they withdraw from. Can someone help me on this?

It’s the same address as on L1.
I think you can import private key from exodus to the Metamask.

This is what the zkSync Team is inquiring about.

So if it’s the same address as on L1, could it be that because there is no payout to my wallet at the moment and therefore the zkSync Team can’t find any funds there?

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Sounds right, I think you need someone to send you some STORJ on the zksync system. Is your address 0x614b32101c742E7060FdE528D9e4f63D97c460F6?

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Yes, that’s the address that I’m currently using for my SNO payout.

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@Alexey 0xB7360027ACEDbcB792fC69668B5d2fa97f9C25eD Ready for some test STORJ :blush:

I’ve installed Metamask, imported the 12 word passphrase of my Atomic Wallet and connected to zkSync but I cannot see my actual eth and tokens in Metamask.
What I’m doing wrong?
Will it take some times so display my funds?

Make sure you select the correct network. MetaMask will allow you to switch between different testnets and mainnet.

I’ve understand what happened.
My 12 word passphrase is related to Atomic Wallet (a multi-crypto cold wallet).
To see funds on MetaMask I’ve exported the private key of my ETH address and imported into MetaMask.
Now it works.


I just wanted to thank Storj Labs for not forcing me to take on market risks on my unpaid balance!

I wonder if people still want to be paid in the Storj amount they would have gotten…


Let me answer next month (or never) :smiley:


Thanks… But who is 0xe4e1d4931eb8dfbd0de400ab06ba85da16e64ecd ??? :grimacing:

On a side note I really hope it gets back up. I am keeping my storj payments for several last months in storj, and one of these days I was like “oof”.
Anyway, it is great indeed that If such rate persists for some time, we will get paid exact amount in $ regardless.

I am not sure. Maybe I copied a wrong address somewhere without noticing it. Let me correct that.


Hello @baybak,
Welcome to the forum!

Thanks. I added it to the sudo docker run command from Putty into my synology and it does the trick.