SNO reputation and updates

Hello! I’ve received message:

We’re contacting you to let you know you can update your Storage Node’s software. You are currently on version 1.4.2 which is out of date and we don’t want your reputation impacted. Click the link below to upgrade to the latest software.

But says that allowed version starts from 1.2.0 and minimal is 0.0.1
Why my reputation can be impacted is I use not latest but actual version?

I think you should either enter a transparent node rating. Perhaps you should implement traffic restrictions?
For example, 1 week of updates: nodes of previous versions receive 25% less traffic
week 2: 50% less
week 3: 90% less
week 4: 99% less.

What happens if a month has 5 weeks ?

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I didn’t mention the month, just the weeks. In my opinion, 3-4 weeks is enough to update the node.

You get an extra bonus - UNLESS it’s also a full moon, in which case it’s a fine.

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How much would be the fine ? I think it should be nine 9’s just to be fair.


I’m pretty sure there is no impact until you drop below the minimum allowed version and the node can’t connect anymore. That’s currently 1.2.0. That gap gives you already more than a month to get up to date without any negative impact.

However, it is of course good for the network if most nodes run the latest version(after rollout is done).

Heh, that json file isn’t meant for humans!

If we update the version 1.2.0, then storage nodes will refuse to start if they are older. We thought we’d tell the humans about it first before we changed the software requirements.

I don’t think we’re using the minimum field in the software correctly yet.

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