SNOs: We're Officially in Beta 2!

We’re officially in Beta 2

We are happy to announce that we are code complete, and are officially in Beta 2. We’re on track for production in early 2020, making us the first decentralized cloud object storage in the world that’s production-ready and backed by service level agreements.

What does beta 2 mean for the network? It means we can now handle increased capacity on the network; with that increased storage capacity comes more demand, which means bigger payouts for you, our community of Storage Node Operators (AKA Hosts).

We want to give a big thanks to all Node Operators that have stuck with us to help us achieve this milestone. Keep those nodes up and running, and if you know anyone who may be interested in becoming a Host, please send them an invite. (


as a operator should we do something?

Just keep your node up and running ! And tell your network , especially people who are interested in becoming a SNO :slight_smile:

Seems you are too successful and thus overloaded? The website for signing up works well and fast, but no token is ever sent to any of my email addresses that I tried.

Please try again using Chrome or Firefox browser with ad-blockers disabled.

@alestrix can you try making a request with your adblockers disabled please? I hope you can try that and report back. If it still doesnt work I can talk to some folks internally

I’m using Chrome on Android, no ad blocker.
But I will try on a PC and report back.

Besides, if the site tells me that I will receive an email soon, it shouldn’t be a problem with the website but rather with the backend.

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Thanks @Alestrix - dont worry we’ll work together and get you sorted out. Thanks for taking the time to post .

Tried on PC now both with Chrome and Firefox and received no email. I do not use Ad blockers. The email I use has “storj” as user name (i.e. before the “@”) and I do not intent to change this - could that be an issue?

please submit a support ticket at our help desk

HI @Alestrix I did post this internally t flag it to the technical team.
To your question about using ‘storj’ as part of the username : that is one I cant give a totally definitive answer to, but since its a very common way to filter messages and signups, I’d be surprised if you were the first person to utilize that trick. So I dont think that will turn out to be the issue.But I will ask, just to be sure. it’s always good to explore every avenue.

Thanks for your efforts on this! I did open a request at the help desk, ticket number is 2690.


Could this still be the problem with localpart@subdomain.domain.tld addresses?

this is unrelated to that problem, they are not using those types of domains for their emails.

@Alestrix did you check your spambox?

Last time i did a request (2-3 weeks ago) using Edge browser it worked like a charm

The problem has been resolved and @Alestrix should have received their invite by now. When we receive many auth token requests simultaneously, the auth token dispenser will automatically throttle the rate at which invites are getting sent out. So during high demand times, it may take several hours or even more to receive the invite, while when there are not many requests received, the wait is only 10 minutes.

@Alestrix I had this issue, and it was because of pi-hole…

Again, that was not the issue, but thanks for the suggestion.

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