So long & tnx for all the fish

I’ve been a node operator for a very long time, but today the HDD for my Storj node died and the backup isn’t working. Sadly, the new reduced payouts no longer warrant a live/live backup. It was fun, but my node is dead now and I’ve just erased the machine running it. :frowning:

Perhaps, one day, when they pay node operators better again, I’ll return…


I am sorry for your loss. I hope it was a good learning experience though. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors :slight_smile:


Could you give us some details about your setup, HDD model and running days, posible cause of death and maybe some stats about your node (capacity occupied/total, age, earnings, etc)? Maybe we learn something.
Thanks in advance!


Sorry to read that, but I understand.

By the way, the backup is useless, as soon as you restore it and bring your node online, it will be disqualified for lost pieces since backup. So no need to spend resources on it. It’s better to use this space for a second node for example.
The only backup which could be useful is the backup copy of databases, but it’s not necessary. And have a reserve copy of your identity on case of corruption specifically only the identity.


HDD = Seagate Barracuda 8TB

24x7 High Availability (UPS-powered)

Running since it was featured on the podcast as a new service.

Total earned, just under $1,000

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So it was full for quite some time, so no high ingress, small egress… wasn’t killed by high traffic. But, being Baracuda (entry level), I suppose it was it’s time.

Hello, what do you mean with a live/live backup? Do you mean a raid system with that or a 1 to 1 copy to another drive with like rsync or something?
It’s sad to see you go and I wish you the best for your future. Maybe we will see you again.

RAID is not a backup, it’s a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Without an auto errors correction it can have corrupted (and happily replicated) data, without an auto-correction it could be destructed during rebuild after a one disk failure.
However, snapshots could be considered as some kind of backup. The normal backup is a copy of live data on point in time, stored in a different place.

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This is also an SMR drive which is horrrrrible for storj to run on…