Some Audit is 100%, some are aroud 50%, why? How to fix it?

Question 1: Some Audit is 100%, some are aroud 50%, why? How to fix it?

Question 2: I run a new node, it occurs to the problem too, why?

Hi @garysdevil

Is the node ID different on the old node and the new node? It is very hard to fail audits exactly the same on a brand new node.

Question 1: However, why do another 4 satellites give me a 100% audit score?

Question 2: Yes, it has the same ID. Is it because I use the same identity?

Question 3: All nodes having the same ID will become disqualified if one of them has some problems?

You are probably storing not much information for those other satellites. The log files will show you where the audit failed.

A new node needs a new identity. The old identity ‘is’ the old node with its history.

One node has one identity. Each node needs a different identity.

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Question 1: I still don’t know why does my node become disqualified? My node runs well and has not stopped. There are only two types of error in the log, shown below

No, your node does not run well. It shows severe error messages. Most severe is: Download failed on GET_AUDIT with result file does not exist. Basically this means that your node has answered an audit request with the message that the requested piece has been lost.

You also have could not send delete piece to trash and upload failed. I don’t know the reason for that but it also does not sound healthy.

Question 1: Maybe because I run two storagenode separately using the same id in two machines. What’s your opinion?

Question 4: I must exec below commands 10 times if I want to run 10 nodes?

# get ${token} from website
identity create storagenode
identity authorize storagenode ${token}

You are not allowed to run 2 separate nodes with the same identity. Every node needs its own identity otherwise it will lead to failure.

You need to request an auth token and create an identity for every node. Even after disqualification you cannot re-use an identity.


:sob: ok, thank you , guy :+1: