Some noob questions

Hello. After 24 hours my storage node got about 5GB of storage. I know that the vetting period takes apx 30 days so do you think storage is ok for now?
2. In storj node faqs it says network drives not supported nor recommended. I was able to set up my node using a 5TB storagebox from hetzner and a VPS from them. I created a virtual hard disk drive from windows of 4TB (dynamically expanded) and tranfered it to my mapped network drive, then atached it via windows Server and i got a new 4TB drive which I selected it as a drive for storing files for the storage node service.

Is ti permitted? any trouble when the node will start to receive many more files?
anyway the storagebox and VPS will be online for another 2-3 years for my needs. I dont exect any profit from storj, just as a fan project.

And lastly, how to see the number of audits i passed? I use the GUI version. Sorry for my english and thnks for your answer

I was able to set up my node using a 5TB storagebox from hetzner and a VPS from them.

It is against the intended purpose of those storageboxes and if Hetzner realizes, that you exceed what they understand as “fair use”, they will seek to lower your impact on their storageboxes. At the latest, when other clients complain about low performance on shared storageboxes.

Further, Hetzner storageboxes have relatively low performance compared to local connected harddrives. Also Hetzner performs performance updates, with downtime, to their storageboxes quite frequently.
The more your node gets utilized the more will the storagebox latency and downtimes impact your nodes performance and reputation.
You will need to manage to turn off your node the moment the storagebox becomes unavailable, otherwise your node will get disqualified by the satellites.

I hope this helps to understand, why storageboxes are not a solution.