Sometimes database locked in log

Hi. I noticed in the dashboard today that my audit checks on all satellites have dropped by about 2% and more. I looked in the log and found the following:

2020-04-21T18:38:34.747Z ERROR piecestore failed to add order {“error”: “ordersdb error: database is locked”, “errorVerbose”: “ordersdb error: database is locked\n\*ordersDB).Enqueue:53\n\*Endpoint).saveOrder:714\n\*Endpoint).doUpload:443\n\*drpcEndpoint).Upload:215\n\\n\*Mux).HandleRPC:107\n\*Server).handleRPC:105\n\*Server).ServeOne:56\n\*Server).Serve.func2:93\n\*Tracker).track:51”}

You can see that this database locked suddenly appears from time to time, sometimes again, not again and since then it has not been again.

What can I do about it or what can be the cause?

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