Sort/Reorganize Multi-Node-Dashboard list

Right now the only way to get the nodes to show up in a specific order is by adding them in the order that I want them to show up.

Could the list of nodes be sort-able by name, age, version, disk usage, bandwidth, (etc… ) ?

We would like to see that for a long time already:

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Yes, I was just reading through that post again and the only mention I could find of a request for list sorting was from you and SGC about 3 years ago…

Maybe I should have done this on the MND post. I figured a direct topic/post wouldn’t hurt

Of course not. But sadly probably does not help either. Development progress of MND in terms of new features or better usability is zero I fear.

Unfortunately I believe that @jammerdan is right, it’s a low priority.
Perhaps implementing a Grafana dashboard would be better, storagenode has an endpoint for Prometheus, so perhaps it could be used by the Community to build a more nice dashboard than this autonomous edition.

No worries, just wanted to check and see.

I’d looked at setting up the grafana dashboard a few years ago but couldn’t find a coherent start-to-finish set of instructions ( I don’t have an existing grafana dashboard to build off from). The tutorials I found at the time started off with “we’re not going to cover how to set up grafana, you should already know this…”

I’ll look into it again and see if I can get that set up now that I’ve got more time to figure out how it works.

Assuming that I do get it figured out I’ll post the results/steps in case anyone else wants to set it up.

You may check these topics:

You may also take a look on this example: Setting Up a Dashboard for Commercial Storage Nodes - Storj Docs, even if that only for Commercial Storage Nodes (Storj Select) project, it should work for Public Network Storage Nodes too, the provided example of the dashboard likely will not be helpful, but you may use it as a start.

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