Space and bandwidth limits


why is limited at 25GB both bandwidth and space?


You can upload data until you reach 25gigs of space, and if you delete data you can then reupload data again, egress is only used when you download the data you uploaded.

image egress calculations is still off but it allows to go over 25gigs.

yes, but downloading a 2GB datafile will produce 6GB Egress. The detailed report is wrong too, showing some 2.4GB. Has this been fixed?

So the limit is 25GB. We can not go over?
I’m currently developing a decentralized cloud based on Storj…


If you add storj or a credit card right now you will get 1TB for the promotion.

Thanks for the help :grinning:

Please note that if you opt to deposit STORJ tokens, you must deposit at least $50 worth of tokens in order to trigger the increase to the 1 TB limit, and in any case, you have to do it before we announce the production release.

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Downloading 2GB datafile should not produce 6GB Egress .
Its uploading 2 GB produce about of 6GB of Ingress (non paid) trafiic (~2 GB * 90/29 pieces).
And downloading 2 GB back should use about 2.4 GB of paid egress traffic (~2 GB * 34/29 pieces) as you need only 29 or 30 pieces to restore original file (and 4 is a “spare” for better downloading speed).
So i think your detailed report is correct.

If download of 2GB costs 2.4GB egress, the announced prices are wrong and should be correctly announces as about 20% higher. I think all this needs to be consistent. Ingress and egress should only be counted with real data excluding the overhead, everything else is misleading and contrary to the announced pricing.

my 2 cents on this matter

Our team is already aware of this issue and working on a solution.


@heunland thanks, very good to know that you are on this one too! So many things, I really do admire your team, congrats on all the things that you are getting done so timely

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