Space remaining in dashboard not consistent with space remaining in logs


i noticed that the space remaining displayed in the dashboard is very different from the space remaining displayed in PUT log messages, too different to be like a GB vs GiB issue.

At this moment:

  • dashboard: 152GB remaining
  • logs: 95GB remaining

Is this normal?


I think dashboard counts the trash folder too while logs show actual physical space that is free.

Thanks. I’ve checked, there’s only 30G in the trash folder, there should be some other misalignment between those figures.

Anyway, the node is running fine, if this is not a problem for Storj, it’s not a problem for me.

The dashboard shows remaining space in your allocation, regardless of whether that space is actually available on disk. This suggests you have assigned more space than you actually have. Please remedy that quickly, if your physical disk fills up completely, your node is unable to function and you will be disqualified. You should never assign more than 90% of the space you have available for the node.

Thanks for your reply but that’s not the case. I’ve allocated far lower the amount of total physical storage available on my HDD (4TB raw). And my issue is not related to the physical space available on disk, but on the difference between what I see in the dashboard and what I see in PUT logs.

Result of df -h:

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sdb1       3.6T  2.3T  1.2T  67% /data/storj

My Docker start parameter:

-e STORAGE="2.5TB"

Current figures regarding available space:

  • Dashboard: 32GB
  • Logs: 6GB

That’s not a very big difference and earlier you mentioned 30G in the trash folder… seems like that might explain it then right?

Yes, indeed. Thanks.