Space rent for nodes

If anyone is intrested I can rent a lot of disk space (hundreds of terabits HDD). It’s possible to mount this over iSCSI and start storj node.

This seems completely at odds with the decentralized goals of Storj.

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The storage is not located in one datacenter.

iSCSI over WAN? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

First letter of iscsi is internet :wink:

True, The internet does mean tcp/ip. That doesn’t mean it’s very efficient at it. Unless you have super low latency, fiber to fiber links, and something more secure like mpls. I suspect it would be so much worse than local storage. I second @IOwnCalculus. You can make nodes appear distributed that way, but the storage is centralized, not a good idea.

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This would be like using Google cloud as “Your storage for your node” Which defeats the whole purpose of storj.