Spam posts on ideas portal

It looks like has been hit by spammers. There have been a ton of spam posts added in the past day or so.

It seems we can never have good things without spammers abusing it.

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This excerpt from Aha may be helpful in trying to manage spam on the ideas portal.

Manage ideas portal spam

Idea portals can represent a public face for your teams and your brands — but emailed submissions introduce the potential for spam submissions. The spam filter addresses this problem.

To enable the spam filter for your portal, navigate to Settings > Account > Configure portal , click on a public or submit-only portal, check the box for Enable idea spam filter in the Settings tab. Once enabled, the spam filter will scan all new ideas and public comments.

To review items marked as spam, navigate to the Spam folder tab. From here, you can view items marked as spam for ideas or public comments.

  • Click the link in the first column to view the record in question.
  • Click the link in the User column to view the user’s profile.
  • Hover over an item to mark it as Not spam or to Delete it.

Note: All ideas and idea comments marked as spam will be automatically deleted 30 days after they were created.

To mark an item as spam that the spam filter missed, click the More options button, then click Mark as spam .


  • Do not delete ideas or comments if you feel they are spam — mark them as spam. The Aha! spam filters have two levels of learning: local and global. Local learning is taught by the ideas portal owners and occurs whenever something is marked as spam that is not spam and when something is marked as Not Spam and Aha! thinks it is.
  • Do not mark unwanted ideas or comments as spam. Manage these ideas through your processes and workflows or simply delete these as appropriate.

Thanks for the heads up! I have reported this to our Product manager who is in charge of the Ideas Portal. He may not get around to reading it until after Thanksgiving though.

How Ideas portal is working at all, how long voting takes time?

There is not a set time how long votes are open on each subject afaik. But you can see on our roadmap which issues have already made it into releases (also see the changelogs posted on this forum). The suggestions for improvements are being monitored by our Product Manager and the ones that are deemed to be of general interest do get selected for implementation. It is possible that the Status of which ideas are slated to be implemented in a future release is not exactly up to date right now. For example I noticed there is an idea listed about notifying on the dashboard if a node is disqualified on a satellite. This is already implemented.