Split SOC2 and Public network stats

I would like to suggest to split statistics of soc2 network and open network then will be much more understandable for all users how much nodes and space and how it rising. Today there is lot of unnecessarily discussions leaded from unknown status. This feature will make stats more readable .

Isn’t that already the case?

there isnt separate stast for today, it is all together.


But are the commercial nodes already operational?

The latest Town Hall seems to suggest they are, yes

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What if it does not show up in any stats, because it is private?

I spoke directly with Bryan and hi told that, they just have list of nodes that soc2 compliant and choose those nodes when client with soc2 data upload it. So technically there is no separate satellites for that or separate stats. So that’s why i made this proposal.

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This is true. We are working on the best way to separate the data and the timing when we can roll this out.