Split watchtower updates

Hi team,

is it possible to make sure that two nodes in one linux host needs to be updated seperately?

I need a break of at least one day before the next can be updated.


Also would be great if it only updates if really needed, should be every second version?

You can do that - run two instances of watchtower and pass as a parameter the self name of the watchtower instance and name of the storagenode instance.
For example, your second node have a name storagenode2, then command for the second watchtower instance will look like this:

docker run -d --restart=always --name watchtower2 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock storjlabs/watchtower storagenode2 watchtower2 --stop-timeout 300s

Keep in mind - nodes will update in a different random interval between 12 and 72 hours

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There is a solution to that. Make that docker run command a one-time execution and exit at the end. Add a cronjob to call that docker run command and you have a designated schedule.


Watchtower has the Argument “–rolling-restart” to do exactly what you want, a rolling restart of the watched containers.

Unfortunately it isnt implemented in the Image provided by storjlabs.
Maybe Storjlabs can implement this?

Could you please create a feature request there Issues · storj/storj · GitHub?