Spring cleaning?

I just spotted, that my StorJ free space is rising. From 16.2.2021 16:25 (UTC+2) my storagenode delete huge amount of pieces and continue.

Snímka obrazovky z 2021-02-18 19-42-15
From week view looks very strange too.
Snímka obrazovky z 2021-02-18 19-44-02

Is this normal, please? Can anybody from StorJ give me some confirmation? My node ID: 12ApJ4xCsbyLZR6WnVoUJpcYoiCX9Mi895sHQxVK4E35dZbbLQt

In log I not spot any errors or problems …

Thank you!

The same here on two separated nodes from two ISPs. Yes, it seems totally normal. Since its real data from real customers, we can’t garantee their fidelity, but eventually, they will free space for other ones. On the other side, it could be test data deleted. But you don’t have to worry, its a normal behavior.

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Ufff …

This was the horror of worth Stephen King. I stopped breathing for a while :).

@Floxit , thank you for confirmation.


same here… or i noticed people talking about it and checked lol


I’m used to the space filling up for me, not freeing up :).

Anyway, thank you for confirmation too.