Start new node when disk is full on exisiting Or start new node when existing passes vetting?

I often see it mentioned here that one should start the next node when your existing disk allocation is nearly full as each node on the same /24 will be treated as one node for traffic.
However, is this actually true? If I have one node that has passed vetting and start a new node that hasn’t, wouldn’t it be the case that they would have different traffic rates due to the vetting status?

I mentioned it in multiple threads (but don’t want to search for them), so in short:
Unvetted nodes don’t “steal” traffic from vetted nodes, additionally I want to keep an extra node “warmed up” so it’s vetted and possibly multiple months old to keep held back amount low.
So I use a new, small node (500GB), that I “warm up”, while my big node (7TB) is growing. With current ingress I’m still a few months away from filling that HDD and when I do, I can buy a new HDD and move the small node to the new HDD.

But would the traffic rates be evenly spread across both even though they have different vetting status?

no, unvetted nodes have their own slice of ingress that doesn’t impact the traffic of vetted nodes (but is a lot lower), so you get more ingress overall. Once they are both vetted, they’ll share ingress equally.

Thanks Kevin, that is what i thought. Thank you for the confirmation.