Started New Node

I started a new node because my computer went down and I got disqualified on all satellites.
I Used my same IP but started fresh with new Identity as soon as my node went online it said it was disqualified from 3 satellites. is there a way to fix this and did I do something wrong?

You must request a new auth token, sign a new identity with it and start without the data of the old node.

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Seems you used your previously generated identity. You need to remove it and generate a new one, then request a new authorization token and sign it:

@jammerdan Using a new authorization token for the old identity will not give you a new identity, it will still be the same old identity and if it’s running somewhere, it will be disqualified almost instantly.

That’s what I meant when I wrote:

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When I restarted my node I deleted everything on the Drive corresponding to storj including the Identity files and redownloaded everything again.

I let the node Sit overnight and everything came online this morning sorry and thanks for the help.

What is reputation of this node now?

You should generate a new identity, not re-download.
I mean literally

./identity.exe create storagenode

Then sign it with a new authorization token

./identity.exe authorize storagenode your@email:1Fhdhfhfmurikfkfgstt3hdyebduur7rhdhhdjfurujrj....

Then move it to the drive for data from the printed path and use it to setup a new node.

If you already have an identity in the default path (%AppData%\Storj\Identity\storagenode), you may either remove it before generation, or use a new name for the storage node, like storagenode2 instead of storagenode, it will create a subfolder storagenode2 in the default path %AppData%\Storj\Identity\.

all satellites say 100%

Then I guess this identity is not disqualified. If it’s, then you need to make a new one as described above.
The disqualification state is permanent, the node cannot recover from it unlike online score or suspension score.