Starting version a little bit too old

I stopped, removed and started my nodes, and now I’m back to 1.95.1, minimum allowed.
Isn’t it a bit too old?
Even the latest 1.96.6 is 2 months old.
There are like 10 versions released over 1.96.6, since than. I want the new stuff, I want to be more up-to-date. I know the security resons behind this, but, since my nodes were already updated to newer versions and they were working great, why not save the last installed version and in case of a re-run of the container, to start with that version?
Or put a switch in the run command:
–start-verion: recomended / last installed.

The second reason for this would be: if the node gets updated to a newer version that makes things differently from previous versions, like the new GC or whatever, and you recreate the container with an old version, the old version dosen’t recognise the modiffications done by the newer version and dosen’t know how to handle things.

1.95.1 seems to be the latest docker base image. Just wait for your nodes to auto update.

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I agree with snorkel, there shouldn’t be a downgrade if the enclosure is rebuilt. It happened to me too.

it was because with doubled yaml entries, nodes di not start with the new version.
I think they work on a fix.

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The answer is simple - this the minimum version on right now.