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Hi there I’m trying to use this product to serve files to a private podcast archive, how would I get this service to provide a static download link for a media file.

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The linksharing documentation should get you started.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Ya I’m having difficulty figuring out how to do

  • Direct download Linkshare - a URL to directly access and download an object via the internet without loading a web page

From the documention when I try and share a file it looks like this

When I should be looking directly at the file like this

What happens when you click the download link or the share links?
Does it get you to the correct file?

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You can replace /s/ in the linksharing URL to /raw/ and the link become a download link.


Thank you so much that’s exactly what I needed to know, one improvement request I could ask for though. When you go to an access key you can’t click on the key to get the link again.

Another good question for you, any limits on how many files I can share.

My usage is a bunch of small audio files that are distributed to my own podcast app, I’ll be using around 250gb that’ll slowly increase in size as I archive more and more of the podcasts I watch and barely any bandwidth, I’d expect no more then 5gb a day with most days having no usage.

There’s no limit on how many files you can share.
You only pay for what you use.
Current pricing can be found here.

Noticed you are a bit lower then backblaze
4 USD a tb opposed to 5 and 000.7 for a download opposed to 00.1

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It’s not a link, we doesn’t store your access grants, only their hashes and names. So you can copy/download it only once when it’s created, as soon as you close the window - it will disappear forever.

Your free tier limits are 150GB of storage and 150GB of egress traffic. To increase limits you need to add a payment method to your account.