Static website hosting is not working

Hello to you all!

By attempting to take advantage of Storj awesomeness, I was trying to deploy some resources for my static website. I would like to publish my assets bucket on Unfortunately, it does not work.

I already thoroughly read the other posts about static website publishing issues, nevertheless I am still having trouble.

My steps

  1. Uploading to the assets bucket all of my files and folders, via web browser
  2. Running uplink share --dns sj://assets/ --base-url on my MacOS device, getting as a result (DELETED_FOR_SECURITY_REASONS are strings I replaced to make sure posting here is safe):
Sharing access to satellite
=========== ACCESS RESTRICTIONS ==========================================================
Download  : Allowed
Upload    : Disallowed
Lists     : Allowed
Deletes   : Disallowed
NotBefore : No restriction
NotAfter  : No restriction
Paths     : sj://assets/ (entire bucket)
========== CREDENTIALS ===================================================================
Access Key ID: jxfhdmvxnvexchbmawmlejtvg2eq
Endpoint     :
Public Access:  true
=========== DNS INFO =====================================================================
Remember to update the $ORIGIN with your domain name. You may also change the $TTL.
$TTL    3600    	IN	CNAME	.	IN	TXT  	storj-root:assets	IN	TXT  	storj-access:jxfhdmvxnvexchbmawmlejtvg2eq
  1. I add to my Gandi DNS zone the following:
  • assets 3600 IN CNAME
  • txt-assets 3600 IN TXT "storj-access:jxfhdmvxnvexchbmawmlejtvg2eq"
  • txt-assets 3600 IN TXT "storj-root:assets/"
  • If I try to insert $ORIGIN, I get the error is not a valid datatype
  1. I have the file zattere.jpg in the root of my assets bucket; if I try to visit, I see this:
  2. If I go on the web browser platform and I click on “share” for zattere.jpg, the file is perfectly reachable at (I did notice that the access code in this link is different with respect to the one in my DNS zone. I tried to replace it, but the outcome is the same)
  3. The DNS propagation shows that the URL does not point to a Fastly server at all

What can I do? Is there something I am missing or there is some bug somewhere?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hello @tommi !

Your path/url should not contain the /assets/ anymore. Your jpg is reachable just fine via

If you want to keep your assets directory in place, you would need to move them inside your assets bucket into a folder called assets :smiley:


Thanks a lot! Is there a way I can make all of the folders content available in the root? For example, suppose I have sj://assets/images/example1.jpg and sj://assets/videos/, can I make them available respectively at and

Not within the storj network no. You could look into a rewrite rule set for the proxy/SSL termination service if you intend to use one.


Thanks a lot, you have been very helpful!