Static website setup issues

I’m trying to setup a static website and have a question around the $ORIGIN value. It says " Remember to update the $ORIGIN from to your domain name" wondering where/how I can update this? Does this need to be updated on Storj? I feel like I have setup my DNS correctly but not hitting my site/index.html file.

If you are using a domain name registry where you configure your entries, then the ORIGIN part may be referred to as Host or Domain or similar. Since there are so many different providers it’s difficult to provide an example for every one of them.

Can you show how you have configured your DNS?

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@adrianbarbic, be sure to let us know how it works! We’re interested in helping people to succeed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I’ve figured out that I actually don’t need to do anything, the messaging around changing the $ORIGIN is a bit confusing as in my DNS provider I add the setting against my domain, that’s where I was getting confusing, thinking it was something to be changed in Storj for it to pick up the domain.

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glad to hear its all set now! will pass along your feedback about the messaging around $ORIGIN