Statistic and earning after Recreate corrupted database

unfortuantelly after a power outage I had recreate a corrupted database on my node, now all the statistic has been reset ; how I can know how much space is used on my node and the free space available since all stats stated from scratch ?
…then the Current Month Earnings value has been decrease from yesterday value how can be possible ?

Your local stats are gone, so your node is no longer aware of it’s prior performance. Don’t worry though, actual payouts are done by the satellites accounting and you will still get fully paid. As for disk usage, this will automatically be updated once the file walker has finished running. If you have switched that off in the past, turn it back on and let it run at least once. You can switch it off again afterwards.


After 3 days i still see 4.96GB instead of 2.5TB used:

looking the disk usage:


Did you turn off the file walker?

I dont think so, how I can check it ?

On the config
storage2.piece-scan-on-startup: true
so it’s on

The file walker now is running but after about 2 days dashboard still not shown correct disk usage

You have restart the node? if you don’t restart the service or docker the file walker is not run. For forced the filewalker , stop and start the node.

Yes of course I did the node restart

It will be updated only when the filewalker is complete its scan. It doesn’t update usage gradually.