looking out of sync on US1?

Dear Team, sorry haven’t been able to see anything on Github, and appreciate this will be such low priority it won’t get looked at, but my scraper on your hosted API endpoint;

Is looking weired, I appreciate this is probably due to the new tags, and data partitioning, but wanted to mention so you can add to the list to tweak the API in due course.

Specifically for US1, the;

“bandwidth_bytes_uploaded” is currently showing for the past 30 days ~ 27 PB !

“storage_free_capacity_estimate_bytes” is showing ~ 29 PB

The “storage_free_capacity_estimate_bytes” is out by about 6-7 PB compared to other satellites so assuming this is specific to US1, and guessing related to tagging of data locations.

It would be great if for each satellite, you could return multiple data array, with a Storage_Tag like “public” / “soc2” etc so we can filter for each Sat - or if you don’t want us seeing this, pull it completely from your API endpoint so we only see public data?

Or leave as is, although incorrect stats data is confusing…



Please visit the GitHub repo at GitHub - storj/stats: Storj DCS Public Network Statistics to report issues or enhancement requests, to be sure it will be looked at by the dev team.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Have posted and issue here JSON API not partitioning tagged data on US1 · Issue #23 · storj/stats · GitHub