Status of Synology Apps?

It’s been a while since we have heard anything regarding both the SNO app for Synology and the app to back up Synologies to Storj. Anything new regarding these two items?

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Last I heard there was a beta but they were focusing more on finalizing the qnap app first.

It is very easy to run docker on a synology tough - making the app not really necessary.

I run the docker app on a few Synologies and one blew up the DB and I need to start it over. I am mainly interested in the S3 bridge app to actually back up the Synology itself. I have about a dozen in the field backing up to Wasabi I’d love to move over and don’t want to setup a bridge on a separate machine to accomplish this.

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was passing through and the found this shortly after and figure it might be a solution to your problem @ryan

no idea tho, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was
i believe its for some sort of backup feature atleast… and i would suppose filezilla works on a wide range of devices.

You can run docker on qnap as well but they still made a native app, so why not Synology, not everyone is totally fluent in ssh and Linux cli to be playing around in there. After all you can brick your whole nas.

Unfortunately, the app on QNAP is a wrapper for Container station, i.e. it still uses a docker, so you can directly run a docker version. The app just simplified this process.
As far as I know, the similar app for Synology is built in the same manner, so you can run a docker version right now.

It would be good to have a simplified process, I know a few people with synology nas that would contribute very large amouts of storage, but they are not about to try and ssh into their nas and play in the linux cli to get docker running that way.
so here’s hoping for for an app even if it is just a wrapper to take away the need for knowing how to use ssh and the linux cli.

Starting one (or a lot more) Nods on a Synology NAS with Docker is very simple.
You only need little Steps on the Console.
I have some Nodes onlöine like this. Here is a tutorial:

Best wishes from Germany


Sehr gut geschriebene Anleitung, die auch das “drumherum” (ERC20 wallet etc.) schön erklärt!

I have storj running in a docker right now on my Synology, I want the S3 bridge capabilities so I can actually back up the Synology to Storj.

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You can run an S3 Gateway too:
However, I’m not sure is the Synology native backup app can work with it.

Yeah I’ve tried that without much luck. The Synology app needs the API key and integration directly with the S3 interface. Using a Gateway won’t work.