Stefan-benten disqualified - it's possible to reset sattelite?

Dear all,

I try to verify all the data in the forum but I don’t get a clear answer.

2 days ago I created a first node and I have 2 problems discussed in different topis.

I have 2 two servers, one in Europe between Spain and France and one in Canada with the same problem with Upload Canceled.

HDD internally SATA3 7k rpm, good latency, good bandwidth, memory and CPU.

Retrieving server list…
Selecting best server based on ping…
Hosted by Bell Mobility (Toronto, ON) [3.18 km]: 11.048 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 93.72 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 94.09 Mbit/s

for one : 3% and other 11%
Canada(Ubuntu) -> europe-north-1 : Status: Vetting 3% (Audit score: 1000)
Eutorpe(Windows) -> europe-north-1 : Status: Vetting 11% (Audit score: 931).

The rate in europe node of uploaded successful are 20,75 (5793 canceled and 1517 uploaded)

normally all it’s good on hardware + network… it’s possible to find why the upload has cancelled ?

in the secon problem are the satellit stefan-beten disqualified due a lost data (error on directory)

Eutorpe(Windows) -> stefan-beten : Status: Vetting 3% (Audit score: 487).

in this case it’s possible to “reset” this satellite ? it’s possible to find a guide ?



Disqualification due to audit failure is permanent. You cannot reset it.

Its normal to get upload canceled. There are 2 reasons why you got upload canceled either your node lost race to the piece or your node didn’t get acknowledgement for successful upload about that piece.

I would say you can reset it by creating a new node with a new identity :smiley:

The log message is just misleading. Most of the uploads are not canceled but because the uplink is closing the connection as quickly as possible this is creating false messages on the storage node side. Your node will still keep the pieces and on the next garbage collection run find out if it should delete the piece.

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Interesting. I had been wondering why I’ve always got trash in my trash folder even though my node is always online to receive and process delete requests. Are there currently any long term plans for this to be re-designed? Not bashing the current design, just wondering.