Stefan-benten satellite uptime is Zero


Why Stefan-benten satellite showing Zero for uptime and what is the impact in this case.


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Seem that is still Offline.
Have the same issue.

It’s related to New storage node downtime tracking feature perhaps as an implementation of Design draft: New way to measure SN uptimes

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Yep is still offline.
Nice to See how much traffic there is without the „test-satellite“ :wink:

Edit: to late;)

It is working here. Uploading tons of GBs as usual.

I have the same problem

My two nodes also suddenly went to uptime score of 0.0. Other sats show the usual 0.9999 uptime score.

this node is in germany. if u not near there u get nothin. i get a lot from there.

I’m in North America and get tones from his sat. I’m not saying you are wrong, and if I was a lot closer I might have a lot more, but I’d say over 95% of my traffic is from his sat at the moment and last month I think I was around 2 TB in total transfers from all the sats.

This is not correct. The location of satellite doesn’t matter. Only location of customers and nodes.
The closest nodes to customers get more data from them. The traffic is going directly between customer and node.

any updates on this? its been about a week now that my nodes are showing uptime score of 0.0000 from 118U (Stefan-benten). Other satellies are showing 0.9999 as usual.

edit: just checked the dashboard again, now all satellites show 0.0000, yet ping times are always < 10seconds old.

Old uptime system is phased out. New one isn’t done yet, still being worked on. I’m sure we’ll hear more when it’s done. In the mean time you don’t have to worry about uptime as it doesn’t impact your node. It won’t be disqualified.


So what is the purpose of knowing the satellite location? I mean: the parameter to be considered is the location of the Storagenode and the source data to be backed up.
Plus, when a storage client wants to sign up in, he has to sign up on a specific satellite (US, Europe or Asia). What’s the point, since this will not determine the location where his data will be stored?

I hope it’s clear.
Thanks for your explanation :slight_smile:

It’s better to select the satellite nearest to your location. The metadata is still be on the satellite. When you will have a lot of objects, it will be noticeable. The far satellite will give you metadata slower than a nearest.