Steps to Set Up Nodes on Factory Reset System

I am looking to perform a full system reset, but am unsure how my nodes will be affected. I will be using the exact same hardware, same internet connection, etc. The hard drives with my Storj data will not be wiped, only the primary SSD that has my OS and system files.

I am on Windows 11. I set up my first node via the GUI, and have set up 4 others via TonyTosol’s Storj-Node-Toolbox.

Is it as simple as arbitrarily setting up the nodes again and the data that’s already there is recognized and I’m back where I was pre-reset? Or is it more complex? Do I have to keep whatever files are on the main SSD in “Program Files”, “ProgramData”, etc? Do I have to set them up in a particular way?

I’m fairly technically competent, but Storj has always been a bit of a black box for me, so any help is appreciated.

Yes, it should work after reinstall. However, make sure that identities of these nodes are backed up or copied/moved to their HDD with their data. When you would install, you must provide the correct identity and its data, otherwise nodes will be disqualified.