Still low traffic after one month

it’s my 32th day of been a SNO, but my node still get only about 1-2GB per day on ingress
i read the log and fought that there have lots of upload started and failed, the amount of these two are almost Equal, what does that mean? i am in China and my bandwidth is 200Mb/s of download, and 40Mb/s of upload.

is that because i am in China and have a bad connection with these data uploaders?
just want to know how to improve my ingress and get more data storage.

My average is about 45 GB a day at my home in Norway (500/500 fiber)

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad connection, just one that is further away from the source of the data than most other nodes. Data still consists for a large amount of test data and those tests may not be very close to you. But keep in mind that when more customers near you are onboarded to the network, your node will be the one closest to them and get the data.

It’s worth taking a look at your network setup and seeing if something is impacting your connection speed or stability, but I think it’s very well possible that this is mostly because of distance to the uploader.

What kind of hardware are you using for your node? How is the HDD attached?

@BrightSilence it would be fantastic to get some more details on the status of the network, can you tell us about how many devs from the waitlist have been granted access? How many nodes does the network have currently? Some performance data of the network overall?

I know you are all busy, I just would like to know some more details…

Wish, I could, but I’m not a Storjling :slight_smile:
From what’s been communicated publicly it sounded like developer invites are going out at a faster pace now. But I believe there were many thousands on the developer waitlist and the rollout is taking place in a controlled and balanced way.
It’s been a while since the number of nodes has been reported, we know from that there are probably something like 2500, but I don’t think that number is reliable anymore since kademlia was removed from the code and it could be much more by now.

As for performance data the blog post for the beta 2 release contained some info on that.

That’s the best I can do from the outside, but perhaps someone from Storj could add stuff I missed.

i am using a NAS. with a 8TB disk.

Thanks my friend, is outdated, last update Oct 6, so we are in the dark it seems when it comes to number of nodes in the network and number of devs granted access.

45GB is for one node and ingress+egress?
at my best node this is

  • egress max 29.9 GiB (2019-11-18), average 19.2 GiB
  • ingress max 30.4 GiB (2019-11-04), average 18.9 GiB
  • bandwidth max 56.3 GiB (2019-11-19), average 38 GiB

because storj labs make a changes that stop output node info to other nodes right after this site was mentioned in this forum. This was motivated by privacy, although they could simply close separate private fields. In the end, we all lost the ability to monitor the whole network.This is unpleasant, but we expect that the StorjLabs will provide an alternative to this tool.

@Krey the maintainer of that site could run a satellite and get info about the network? Just a suggestion…

afaik this satellite will be deprived of trust on nodes. Even if not, no one will like to see another empty satellite in their statistics.

Right now it say:

    Egress      Ingress
 566.3 GB     599.3 GB (since Nov 1)

@Tulip how long have you been a SNO?

Not very long, 3 month. why?

just curious , my node is 1month plus 3 days…

@Luiz how many audits do you have on each satellite? How much is stored? What is the capacity?

i dont know how to check audits.
i can see the score on every satellite is 1
my capacity is 7TB, and stored 30GB now.

totalCount   : 893
successCount : 893
alpha        : 99.98759905300223
beta         : 0
score        : 1

totalCount   : 956
successCount : 954
alpha        : 99.99251267691729
beta         : 0.0009035915836944429
score        : 0.9999909634892235

totalCount   : 944
successCount : 943
alpha        : 99.924244653845
beta         : 0.06832772446471178
score        : 0.9993166720003341

totalCount   : 1155
successCount : 1147
alpha        : 99.93803828344458
beta         : 0.061070720388073464
score        : 0.999389287354693