Stopped one node today - how long for the sat's to recognise there is one less node in the subnet?

So, I decided to stop one of my nodes today as there just isn’t the traffic volume to justify running multiple nodes in the same /24 at the moment.
This led to me wondering, how long does it take the satellite’s to recognise the number of nodes in a /24 is reduced?

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The satellite does not monitor that.
There is a random nodes selection from all /24 subnets of active nodes. 95% nodes from vetted pool and 5% from unvetted. As result would be selected 110 unique nodes from 110 unique /24 subnets.

Thank you Alexey. I’m going to keep this node down at least a week to try and fill up the remaining space on the first node and then bring it up again once the first node is completely full. Worst case is leave it down a week. Bring it up 2 weeks then down another week for whatever remains.

You will be losing data on the node you take offline if you do this. Any segment for which the availability drops below the repair threshold will be repaired to other nodes and end up in garbage collection for your node. I don’t recommend taking existing nodes offline for this reason. Better just to keep everything running.

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It has so little data it really doesn’t matter. It is in its 4th month and has less than 250GB total stored. I could well lose it completely and the only real impact will be starting vetting again.

Fair enough, just thought I would mention it in case others want to do this with bigger nodes. The impact could be quite big on large nodes with old data.

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A better way is to edit the config to allow size of less than 500G and then set the node size to less than the data you have. It’ll only earn you $1-2 a month but it will allow you to expand quickly if things ever “take off”


Thanks for the suggestion Andrew but it doesn’t even earn $1.00 a month currently and won’t for at least another two months when held back % will change again. Certainly a good idea for the larger/older nodes that want to halt a node for a while.

But I makes no sense to stop the node unless you plan to shutdown the computer entirely. I takes ages to fill the node. After 7 months I only have 750GB stored.

I wanted all data coming into my /24 to go to another node to help fill the last 200Gb of space.
I kept the 2nd node shutdown 3 days in the end and that diverted about ~40 GB or so. Not the complete fill I wanted but it has helped. The 2nd node is now back up and has online rates around 93% so it won’t take too long to recover. I would not do this if my node were a lot larger.

Alright :slight_smile: but why don’t you try vpn-tunnelling. The workaround for cgnat to get you out of the /24 limit?

I actually do want to try that but I have a few other projects on the go first. My IT budget for the next few months is already spent a few times over. lol. At a minimum I want to buy another 12 drives for my Proxmox nodes, some more 10Gbit cards, 6 SSD’s, 2 more CPU’s for a server upgrade and a lot more other stuff. Even just a new battery for my notebook is going to cost $100. :frowning: