Storage array died, best way to restart

I’m running a Storj node since the very beginning.
About a 14 months ago I chose to dedicate old 4TB drive to Storj so I move from Windows to docker and create a new node.

Tonight I had a drive failure and lose all the data related to that node.

I know that the held amount is to cover the cost associate to my exact situation.

From what I understand, I will need to start another node from scratch.
What I’m wondering is if there is a way to start where I was regarding “time” on the network.
I do have to admit that if I start with 0 month on the network and have to wait about a year before having “real” payment, I would be really disapointed.


You can’t start off from 14th month onwards once you lost data for that node. You will have to start from scratch with month 0 (zero).

You either start with or without the reputation of your old node. Since your old node failed, I think you want to leave that reputation behind. You can’t just take the good parts and get rid of the bad ones.