Storage cost for 12gb

i want to just confirm as there is no more free storage. I read a lot of complaints and this is not one.

On a daily basis i upload ± 6gb for a cloud server i have. i keep 2 copies on storj so total of ± 12gb

Am i correct the monthly cost is 0.04 cents and i take it this will be billed when it get to a certain amount and not 0.04 cents a month

I am very happy with storj customer

Thank you Johan


There is still free storage: but it’s part of a time-limited trial. No more forever-free space.

If you add around 12GB per day: then that’s around 360GB per month? If we say that averages to an increase of 180GBm… at $0.004/GBm… then I think your Storj bill would increase about $0.72USD every month? (or less if you’re also deleting stuff)

Unless I did the math wrong?

I’d expect them to bill you against your credits every month, even if it’s less than a dollar.

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