Storage filling slow and inconsistently?

Hello, I wonder if there is something wrong in my configuration or I’m missing some point: i’ve launched the node a week-ish ago and looks like i’m not getting a consistent usage?
But everything looks fine on my side:

Your image shows no bandwidth usage information. Although, this is a common “new” topic created on this forum by new node operators. There appears to be quite a misconception by many new node operators that 1) bandwidth usage has any sort of consistency and 2) that you’ll start seeing high usage immediately.

You’re node is so young that I wouldn’t expect you to have much bandwidth usage after only a week. After you get through the vetting period on each satellite, you should expect to start seeing higher ingress rates.

Here’s an example of a bandwidth utilization graph for this month from one of the two nodes I started in February:
And just for reference, 25.41 GB of that bandwidth usage is ingress. Only 1.53 GB of egress since it’s still so new and is only vetted on 1 of 5 satellites.

Everyone’s nodes will see that variation on a day to day basis. Bottom line: there’s no consistency or predictability.

TLDR: just be patient, as long as you are seeing some bandwidth usage and your suspension, audit, and online score stay high, and you keep the node updated, then you should be fine.


Ahh haven’t noticed Snagit cut it off… thought he took the whole screen. That’s the actual but month just started… how to see a previous month?

Unfortunately that’s not possible.

ah ok welll… let’s sit and wait :smiley:

you can sort of see the information in the payout part of the dashboard…
but no graphs just a monthly total

hopefully one day we will get a bandwidth graph history