Storage-for-Storage Trading Platform

I am kind of new to this STORJ and Blockchain world I need some guidance on that. Many solutions out there like Filecoin, Storj all provide you with some incentive in order to give them your storage space.

I am trying to build a platform in which a user can trade their system storage for storage in the blockchain network. for instance, if I want storage for 1 GB I’ll trade that for 2 GB of my disc space to just be the part of blockchain network and then store my files on that 1 GB space. Is this possible to build this on top of the above mentions services or any resource or guidance that anyone wants to provide …looking forward to it … :slight_smile:

Look at community satellites, you may use this for your project.

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Who is your target audience for this use case?

I think, the reasoning of sharing my 2GB just so I can be part of the blockchain, does not make much sense. There are lot of ways someone can be part of a blockchain from attending a blockchain summit (POAP) or minting NFTs or mining. Besides there are many websites that offer free storage from Google’s 15 GB to Mega’s 20 GB.

What is your goal?
You want to trade local space for blockspace on wich blockchain?

You want to trade local space to cloud space?
Thats already possible with storj since only the payment goes via eth blockchain token. You can set up a node and earn tokens to pay for cloudspace.
Like 3TB local - 1 tb cloud /M


Disregarding the references to blockchain that make no sense whatsoever, I think you are trying to build a a copy of the now defunct service called “Wuala”

Essentially, you want to remove the currency from equation — where people earn money to share storage and pay money to use storage — and instead barter storage directly for storage. I’m not sure what is the benefit is, after all, currency was invented to make things more flexible, but I guess you can build a service and an app, that will

  • run a node to share unused storage and earn income, send it to you
  • then you pay for storage the users is getting in return
  • you will need to do a lot of market research to ensure that you are staying profitable — because nodes don’t fill up instantly and you would need to be subsidizing storage use over half life of a users account. And the amount of possible abuse here is astronomical.

Basically, im not sure what’s the point — but maybe I misunderstand what you are asking. In this case, please elaborate.

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