Storage Limits, Sub-users, etc


Im building a cloud storage type program, really love what Storj is doing and will likely use for personal storage, but wanted to ask some questions to see if there is a possibility to use for this larger applications.

  • The 25TB total per project (75TB total), 100TB transfer is pretty limited for this application. Are there for example programmatic ways to create sub-users? Each with their own 75TB cap?

  • Do you think at this time its even worth considering Storj for mass cloud storage applications? I know requests can be made to increse capacity, but I imagine these increses would be many times the default size.

I really love the core tech here, but for these applications maybe its limited right now by the network size? Just wanted to get some other thoughts on it.

Thank you

I recommend creating a support ticket and explaining your application and requirements. These limits aren’t hard limits and depending on the size, Storj may be able to accommodate higher limits.


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100TB transfer per project, i.e. 300TB.
These are default Pro limits, but you always can request to increase more

currently no, unless you allow users to create their own accounts on the satellites and provide an access grant to your application.
We usually recommend to use a one bucket instead and use an own prefix for each user. You may even allow to use their own encryption phrase for their data and you will not have an access to their content, but you may still delete their data in encrypted form (if they stop paying for example or by compliance request).

Of course you can! The capacity is not a problem at all. If Storage Node Operators would notice the increase in usage - they just will expand and new operators would like to join to receive data (and money) from you. We also may delete test data to increase storage capacity quickly or introduce an incentive program for Operators.

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