Storage Node Earnings Estimator

I’m back again as I may at long last be getting an internet link that operates faster than a wet piece of string. So I just went back to the estimator to get an idea of how my system may perform, but it has gained a major quirk since I last tried it. Potential revenue now seems to fall if you increase the available download speed. For my configuration, any downloading speed greater than 1Mbps results in a reduction of the final estimate.

I really wouldn’t base the estimator to be 100% Its really to give an idea what you could make. Its really about how much data your sending and storing that is all you make money from, Not because how fast your internet is. I have yet to see above 100Mbps speeds constant.

I have seen peaks of 250Mbps, Mind you my internet speed is 10Gbps with a 1Gbps uplink for my nodes. So they pretty much have an unlimited amount of speed to there disposal.

It’s one thing to have an estimator that is off due to the complexity of what it is estimating. The issue is more that the estimator is currently just wrong - the estimate should not fall if the available download speed is increased.

{ sorry updated as I put decreased rather than increased }

You are right I haven’t looked at the new estimator, As I dont know what its takes into factor to be negative return on investment when having a faster download. But what is important is the upload because egress is how you make money not download.

But nevertheless I would never use an estimator to help me make a decision on if I will setup a node. It still an idea of what you can make its not going to give an exact amount based on something that isnt entirely predictable.