Storage Node failed to start because of lacking disk space

So installed storagenode it didin’t start so i find out why because it doesn’t have enough space the node started for a few seconds and was restarting am going to shut it down will i get banned for this nothing was stored nor i think there was anything stored on the node.

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How much space did you allocate ?

I’ve just setup on Linux and my node directory is a mount point but I has to be read/write.

It was 512GB External for my pi just wanted to ask for what happend would i get disqualified just ordered a sata connector for my 2TB hdd

You should have 500GB actual physical free space on the drive with 10% as overhead. This would mean your node should use minimum 550GB space . 512GB would have less than 500GB free space which is why it will error out on low space.

There are only 2 ways to get disqualified

  1. Failing audits

  2. Low uptime (currently not in effect)

Alright thanks and yeah i realised when i read the docs am just gonna wait for the adapter to arrive thanks for your help.

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