Storage Node Installation - Github Releases

Hi, I am running a storj node on docker. Actually on Version 0.34.6.
I just checked and found out, that newer versions exists.

Version 0.35.3 and even Version 1.0.0

I am not very familiar with github, but it looks to me that I am running my node not on latest release.
I have installed watchtower also. But no update.

So I removed all containers and did a reinstall of the docker containers. Nothing changed I am still on Version 0.34.6 when I am doing installition according

Am I am running on the proper software version? or is the documentation of the docker setup outdated? pls support

best Wolfgang

Here is the answer to your question

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thx for the info.

But how to read github? How can I find out, that I am running on proper version, just by checking github releases? How can I prove it?

Here is the answer to your second question :slight_smile: