Storage node maintanance

can I switch my storage node to a maintenance mode so it won’t receive any traffic
I need few days to migrate my node to another computer.
Can I do that without loosing my reputation?

There is no maintenance mode available unfortunately. The best you can do is try and keep your downtime to a minimum. You can use rsync to do a live migration, where you would run this several times until the difference is small. On the last run you would shut down your node, do one final pass, then start the node on the new host.

The simplest way is to set its disk allocation to below what is currently stored. This means it will stop accepting uploads.

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I’m trying but unfortunatelly the node is crashing because of bad data

I doesn’t seem to work
ERROR piecestore:cache error getting current used space: {“error”: "CreateFile K:\storage\blobs\6r2fgwqz3manwt4aogq343bfkh2n5vvg4ohqqgggrrunaaaaaaaa\3l/y6ruuyinpir5fxxiitdwuv66qzwfior6nm6edh3qruoy4fotzq.sj1: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

You should definitely run a file system check on that drive. Looks like you are using Windows, so use the check disk utility.

Yes, it didn’t help. The only solution is to move the data to another machine and current estimate is three days :frowning:

Can you put the drive directly in the other machine and transfer disk to disk? If you are having disk errors, you might have a difficult time no matter what method you choose.

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No, the source is Windows storage space and I’m tranferring it to linux