Storage Node MSI Installer Problem


Hi .,… how to fix that issue?

Welcome to the forum @Ellmauer!

Are you using latest release ?

and some general info on your system might also be helpful…

alas try downloading it again, sometimes data can be damaged, else be sure you have run it as administrator or whatever…

also keep in mind that this is an online live project thus your service packs, .net and whatever else windows update related stuff, maybe even windows version, needs to be within certain parameters / versions to work.

i’m not saying turn everything inside out… i’m saying if you got something that is very out of date or such it may cause such issues… i’m saying check your windows update is fully updated.
maybe check that you are running a windows version that supports it, i duno what it is about your screenshot but it looks old, but might just be your configuration… so that doesn’t mean much.

most required information and step by step instructions can be found somewhere in this link below.

the windows install guide is found here, make sure you followed it step by step… maybe your forgot something… following this should give you a working install.
says right on it… :smiley: listen or learn

good luck and welcome, and feel free to ask if you still cannot make it work.

Please, show 20 last lines from the log: