Storage node offline Help!

My breaker flipped that my router was on now I can’t get my node back online It says misconfigured and offline.

I checked My NO-IP address, and my online router settings, double checked me firewall settings.
I went to my PowerShell and did (restart-Service storage node)
I have good Internet connection
I’m not sure what else could have gone wrong.

You need to flush the DNS cache. Simplest way is just a system reboot. I assume your IP changed and even though noip is resolving to the correct address your system is resolving to the cached address.

flushed my DNS cache files, optimized & Defragged and my Disk still offline.

Your sure noip is resolving to the new IP? Try checking it directly from the system the node is running on.

Also, does your computer have a static ip? If not then this could have changed during reboot. Make sure your router is forwarding ports to the proper IP. If it isn’t set to static I would recommend doing that.

I’ve checked the Ip on on my ethernet connection and its the same as when I set everything up,

To my knowledge all the IP Address look the same from when it set my node. Router, my Computer, and My no-ip look the same.

This should be your noip domain name. When your IP changes, as long as you set it up correctly the router will update noip which will redirect the domain name to the new IP. If you have an IP set here it will still work but if your IP changes it will not automagically update.

Also, you might want to edit out your actual IP. Probably don’t want to post that sort of thing publically online. Not that I think anyone here would cause trouble, but just something to keep in mind.

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changed the IP In my config.yaml files to what matched on my domain, and everything booted up thanks for the help.

No problem. Happy I could help!