Storage node offline

I just created my code and it stays off!

1574968041-capture.png - envoi d'image avec NoelShack

Welcome to the the forum! @MrGeekk

Here are a list of things you can try. :slight_smile:

Make sure:

~You are properly port forwarded.
~Have your DUC running.
~Your time PROPERLY synced.
~Try restarting the Service if you are on windows
~Make sure your local IP that you forwarded did not change (set your ip to static)

Also, you can post photos directly on the forum!

Hello @MrGeekk,
Welcome to the forum!

Please, go through this checklist:

Problème réglée . J’avais juste mal renseigner l’ip de “NO-IP” je l’ai modifier est tout est revenue dans l’ordre .