Storage node rebuild, not working

Lost my drive on my node, restored it incorrectly to my system, ended up having to delete that system and rebuild (VMWare)

Going theough all the steps again, and cannot get my node working again.

I’ve read through the forum and the troubleshooting tips, but still canot get working.

The one thing that is glaring to me, is my count had never been 2,3 on this rebui;d.
I’ve updated, my date control on my machine to use my own NTP server.
And am creating identity again.

I don’t know what else to try to get the counts right.
And when i do try to run with wrong counts , i get misconfigured, and offle on the webpage.

Anybody got an answer for me ?

Also last time i had the node up and running, still miss configured, i checked the port, with the tool you suggest and it showed the port was open.

SMH really badly, lol

Hello @mocallins,
Welcome to the forum!

After you generated an identity, you need to take an authorization token and sign your new identity.
Then check should show correct numbers.
If it is still not - please show what error the signing step throws.
If there were no errors, then make sure that you used the correct path in the checking command.

To fix the “QUIC misconfigured” you need to configure it on your router, firewall and storage node: Step 4. Configure QUIC - Storj Node Operator Docs
But you need to fix “offline” issue first, so just sign an identity with a new authorization token and configure port forwarding.

Awesome Alexy, Thank You Thank You, Thank you.

Its so great to get an answer that just works.
I just don’t understand the linkage between the identity and the token and the node itself, lol.
Probably not many do, since we don’t put one together every day.
And that’s fine, as long as the forum is here to get to an expert, lol,

Thanks again.
Came online afte only a few typos, but once i got the commands right. Its up and running.


The identity is basically a certificate with private keys. This is what you use to proof that this is the node with your node ID. Creating takes time to prevent allowing people to spin up thousands of nodes at once. The token is used to get that identity signed by Storj Labs. This is a verification step to check your identity for requirements for the Storj satellites. It’s basically a sign off that you can use that identity. This signature is checked whenever you communicate with those satellites.

It’s similar to how you can create a certificate for your website yourself, but it will only be trusted by browsers if it’s signed by a recognized certificate authority.

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