Storage Node Service stops within minutes randomly

Good day,

Storj V3 Storage Node keeps dying randomly (though generally after a minutes) of starting it back up manually. Restarts seem to work just fine.

Also trying to hit the local dashboard on localhost:14002 says ‘sit can’t be reached’ and ‘ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED’.

The Storj drive (on external high-speed USB, 4 TB) is recognized by the machine (windows server 2016) running chkdsk on the drive returns no errors.

Any thoughts?


is this a win gui version or docker?
can you show last logs, usually there is a error, why it stops

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Hi - thanks for responding…

This is going to be Windows GUI.

Which log did you need. Storagenode.log or something?

Yes storagenode log needed.

Here is a zip file of my storagenode.log file:

looks like you have some problems with HDD and/or databases also.
it speac that cant delete file, cant create files. also errors with databases.
check your disk with checkdisck tool in windows for errors, may be just errors in file table of disk.


I am going to run a chkdsk /r on that volume and report back. It is going to be a while.

Thanks again for responding.

Update: yes, the hard drive took a dump. Chkdsk is not even finishing on it, and the Seagate Seatools check fails as well. It will need to be replaced.

Thanks for the guidance.

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