Storage Node Setup tutorial: Youtube Playlist

  1. Requesting an auth token
  2. Installing Docker
  3. Generating and signing a node identity
  4. Configuring TCP port forwarding
  5. Starting the storage node
  6. Tips and automatic updates

A Storj-authored six-video series on setting up a storage node on the Storj network. Designed for Linux Debian using Docker.

By the end of the series, viewers will have a working auth token plus Docker installation; a generated and signed node identity; properly configured port forwarding; and an online storage node running on the network

Additional resources:

Prerequisites: Comfort with using CLI.


Nice! This will be very helpful to new users!

One thing I didn’t notice in the videos that might be very helpful for people trying to validate that their port forwarding configuration is working correctly is to use a port testing tool like one of these:

Simply enter your IP address, or no-ip URL, and configured node port to test that your RUNNING node is reachable. :+1:


@ndragun thanks and great tip. Would you mind if I used you post as inspiration for a separate port forwarding thread? I know that its a stumbling block that can come up for folks getting started.

Or, would you have any interest in starting that new discussion yourself?
I think it would be quite useful to a lot of people!