Storage Node Stats graphs

The graphs are a nice feature, but I don’t understand how my node which store 1.2-3 TB can go from 43 TBh on oct 5th to 0 on oct 6th back to 43 on oct 7th while I have only .124TB of bandwidth used and when I look at the individual satellites the only one dropping still show 19 TBh on the 6th. It also show 394 TBh but my node never went above 1.3TB and 1.3TB24*11= 343 TB/h.
I guess you should check the math on those graphs.

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someone decided to make these graphs not accumulative, so values reset everyday

I don’t think that’s what the question was about. It seems the total is higher than it could have been given the amount of data stored and you can’t have 0Bh for an entire day if you have data stored on your node for that day. Something seems to indeed be off.

For what it’s worth, I see the same 0Bh for the 6th. Not sure what’s going on.

Interestingly the storage_usage.db and dashboard API seem to show the numbers though.

Also not entirely sure why the db and api show different numbers. So… now we have 3 different numbers, which is the correct one?